SCHOOL YEAR SCHEDULE | Aug 2018- May 2019

Academic Tutoring (Group and Private) for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students.

SAT Prep and ACT Prep (Guaranteed Score Improvement), College Consulting,
Computer Coding Classes, Professional Coding Classes (Become a Developer in just 14-Weeks),
Abacus, Math, Science, English, Hons Pre-Calculus, AP Physics, AP Calculus AB/BC, Hons Chemistry, ESL, Spanish and More...

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Meet the Faculty

Our programs are designed to address the most urgent challenges faced by 2nd to 12th grade students. Student-Teacher ratio is 5:1, 3:1, and 1:1. We offer tutoring in small groups with teaching faculty well known in their local school districts. Lesson plans are personalized to the needs of the student. There are three sessions a year (Fall, Winter, Summer). During the school year, we offer a 12-week Math, Science and Language Arts Program. During the summer, we offer a condensed 3 week program meeting multiple times per week. We also offer Common Core Test Preparation courses in the winter session, AP Boot Camps in April, SAT and ACT Test Preparation on the weekends, and Computer Programming courses throughout the year.



TOP 16 SCORERS - 2017-2018

Amanda L. SAT - 1570
Rahul D. SAT - 1570
Arnav T. SAT - 1570
Chloe C. ACT - 34
Brian R. ACT - 34
Valerie C. SAT - 1530
Shresta K. SAT - 1510
Abhinaav L. SAT - 1500
Ayush M. ACT - 32 Samantha J. ACT - 32
Margaret M. SAT - 1480
Brandon K. SAT - 1470
Nina D. ACT - 30
Vinesh R. ACT - 30
Hannah P. ACT - 29
Sulekha M. ACT - 29


James M. - My son got the SAT score he is very happy about, and there are just too many good things to mention. To sum it up, I am very glad that I don't need to search for the test preparing tutoring anymore and I will definitely sign up my younger son when he is ready.

Betty S. - My daughter signed up for the Math Summer Class and our experience has been really Great. The teachers are very involved with students and the class sizes are really small allowing teachers to pay close attention to each child.

Valerie C. - I am so excited as I got my SAT Score of 1530 yesterday. Without Ms. Menaka, I don't know if I could have gotten through SAT and kept my sanity at the same time. Through Montfort Learning Center I was able to not only learn and get ahead....

Homework Help

Turn frustration into high fives. Our tutors share instant feedback and recognition for every skill learned. Homework time becomes a lot less stressful and a lot more fun.

Variety of Subjects

Math, Science, English, AP and more. We use an innovative approach to teach kids how to learn in a personal way, so they build their confidence and get inspired to do great things!


Python, Java, Javascript and more. Learn programming languages to create your own app and game. Design, develop and understand the basics of programming and various methodologies.


Join our SAT, ACT,PSAT, and Subject Test Prep courses designed to come in the top 1%. Learn Test Strategies and study skills to  make your learning effective and result oriented.

Our Students

We provide Group and Private Tuition, Standardized Test Preparation Courses, and College Application Services. We also organize trips to various colleges, participate in Hackathons and competitions and help students get internship,

Our classes are designed to reflect our philosophy that, in addition to requiring hard work, learning has to be enjoyable. We build a fun, comfortable environment where a friendly relationship exists between students and their peers and instructors to ensure students feel capable of doing their best.

We do not just teach our students; we also mentor them. In order for the students to work diligently without complaint, we create a culture in which hard work is a daily routine. When students blend themselves into the culture, they are influenced by their environment to excel and therefore, obtain pleasure, and results, from their efforts.

We divide our learning space into small classrooms so class sizes are manageable: all our students sit in the first row and receive the individual attention they require and deserve.