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Why Choose Us?

Commitment, High Standards, Excellence, Ethics, Results, Leadership, and Focus are just few of our building blocks which have helped us and the students celebrate success.
At Montfort Learning, we build a fun, comfortable environment where a friendly relationship exists between students and their peers and instructors to ensure students feel capable of doing their best. We do not just teach our students; we also mentor them.
All class materials are prepared according to and beyond the requirements of California Standards. In our Math and Science materials, the materials are carefully designed in a clear, logical format accompanied by proper examples and the deduction of formulas.
Learning these unique styles helps students remember the subjects better and faster.

Our Solution

Through the use of semi-autonomous, four-person teaching teams, we encourage and support continuous innovation. Under the leadership of a Master Teacher, each team is given the freedom and trust to modify and adapt the curriculum, groupings, and professional development to best meet the needs of their particular classroom.
In direct contrast to the prevailing system of depersonalized learning, Montfort Learning is relationship driven. Each teaching team loops with their students from second grade through twelfth grade, nurturing powerful and deep relationships throughout the learning community. This approach allows for unprecedented levels of targeted support, instruction, and mentorship for both teachers and students. In addition, by embedding a highly paid and experienced Master Teacher in each classroom, we ensure that teachers and students have the highest level of expertise to support their learning.
The focus on adult learning is another hallmark of Montfort Learning model. Research overwhelmingly suggests that the single greatest factor influencing student achievement is the effectiveness of their teacher. Understanding that teacher passion, expertise, and growth are the foundations of student learning, our groundbreaking career ladder and mentorship system incentivize and support continuous teacher development.
The potential and creativity unleashed by our model is the engine behind our interdisciplinary, student-centered curriculum. Organized around several units, lessons are hands-on, discovery-based, and engaging. We encourage active student participation and believe that the best classrooms are those in which student voice is amplified, developed, and diversified.
Students are encouraged to contact there teachers in case of questions any time.
One-on-One or Group tutoring options are available.
A weekly feedback from teacher is sent to the parents listing the subjects taught, scores in class, and any necessary feedback which will help the student score better in class.

Course Progress Status

Math, English, and Science Program
99% Complete (success)
AP Courses
98% Complete (success)
SAT Prep and College Counselling
94% Complete (success)
Programming Languages
90% Complete (success)
Foreign Languages
90% Complete (success)
80% Complete (success)